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At Hong Yu, we have embraced the significance of sustainable development for many years, prioritizing environmental protection. Through our dedication, we have constructed sewage treatment plants, implemented chilled water recycling systems, and utilized eco-friendly materials in our buildings and facilities. Our goal is to achieve true 'sustainable development,' fostering a greener and more responsible future.



Heritage craftsmanship for preserving delicacy

We craft our signature cuttlefish balls with a focus on quality and sustainability. Every 3 kg of fresh Taiwanese cuttlefish are handled with an artisanal approach. We remove the skin, bones, and organs by hand to give it a slightly glutinous, chewy texture. To enhance the flavor, we grind the cuttlefish with a stone mill, and any too small or aged pieces are not used, unlike some other companies who resort to fish paste and powder. By solely adhering to the traditional pulping process and using 100% Taiwanese cuttlefish, we are able to offer a more consumer-friendly product with superior taste and texture.

傳統製法  留住細膩


Commitment to the Highest Food Safety Standards

Hong Yu made a resolute commitment to prioritising the use of fresh raw materials and implementing rigorous control over our manufacturing process. Our unwavering business philosophies led us to adopt a one-stop manufacturing process, ensuring healthier, safer, and innovative ingredients.


We've always believed in being transparent with our customers and we take pride in our responsibility to provide high-quality products, from sourcing raw materials to the final production. Our ultimate goal is to create a trustworthy brand that leads consumers away from food hazards. When you see our brand,' we hope you'll feel assured and confident in the quality and safety of our offerings.

堅持理念  嚴控食安


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